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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden in Columbia SC  CSPAN  February 12, 2020 5:27am-5:47am EST

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>> i am grateful down to my toes for what our campaign has been able to accomplish so far. my plans for this country have been influenced by letters pressed into my palm by little girls. my will to fight has been strengthened by the people who have whispered their dreams in my ears. my determination to lead a movement has been forged by the tens of thousands of people who have said they are ready to fight for an america they know we can be. because if we have the hope that comes with dreaming big, if we have the courage to fight hard, we are going to win. thank you. [applause] ♪
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>> former vice president joe biden left new hampshire before polls closed, where it looks like he finished fifth. he spoke from sylvia -- columbia, south carolina. >> thank you. you have no idea how great it is to be back in south carolina. great to be with you all tonight. all of you. i hope you love me as much as i love you. i have been coming here a long time. v.p. biden: thank you. i hope, ta
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seat. thank you. i am jill biden's husband, i work for cedric richmond. [laughter] david mack is taking me to school. [laughter] look, i know some of the other senators came to see me. they are in session right now. i thank them for making the effort. so many people here for me to say thank you to. i spoke to our folks up in new hampshire, and they did a good job. but i want to tell you, the people of nevada are watching, and i want to make it clear, we praise their diversity as a state, and i will be out there seeing them soon. tonight, though, we just heard of the first two of 50 states. two of them. not all the nation, not half the
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nation, not a quarter of the nation, not 10%. two. now, where i come from that's the opening bell, not the closing bell, and the fight to end donald trump's presidency is just beginning. just beginning. [applause] thank you. it is important that iowa has spoken, but we need to hear from nevada, south carolina, super tuesday and beyond. up until now, we haven't heard from the most committed constituents in the democratic party, the african-american community! and the fastest-growing segment of society, the latino community! i want you all to think of a number. 99.9%, that's the percentage of african-american voters who have
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not yet had a chance to vote in america. one more number. 99.8%, the percent of latino voters who haven't had a chance to vote. so when you hear all these experts, cable tv talkers talking about the race, tell them it ain't over, man, we're just getting started. [applause] our votes count, too. we're not going to let anyone take this election away. i've said it a million times, you can't be the democratic nominee and can't win the general election without overwhelming support from black and brown voters. it is simple. it's a natural fact. it is true, absolutely true. you know, all those democrats who won against incumbents, from jimmy carter to a guy named clinton, a guy named obama, my good friend, guess what? they had overwhelming african-american support. without it, nobody's ever won.
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really. and you all know. more important, you shouldn't be able to win the democratic nomination for president without black and brown voters. too often your loyalty and support and commitment to this party has been taken for granted. i've never once in my career taken it for granted, and i give you my word as a biden that i never, ever will. if you want to know what other candidates will do in the future, the tendency is to look at the past. i left a law firm when i was a kid with a great job, at a fancy law firm, to become a public defender, to fight for the people in the community i used to work in, on the east side, because they couldn't afford a lawyer. on the county counsel, i fought against redlining. in the u.s. senate, i passed an extension of the voting rights act. the violence against women act. and i had the back of a great president named barack obama for eight years.
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[applause] by the way, we increased access to capital for african-american entrepreneurs. let's get something straight. given a chance, they do just as well as anyone else, quite frankly better, and they built neighborhoods, they built communities! we were able to reduce the federal population. speaking of hbcu's , i got $70 billion coming to hbcu's, not a joke. minority universities. we saved the automobile industry, passed obamacare, stopped insurance discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions. and on top of that, we built an
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i don't know what you need best. i listen. you all know what you need best. we don't listen enough. we take for granted. you know what you need. what your families need. we need to defend and build on obamacare. trump won's to get rid of it. even some of the folks in my own outfit want to take it away. but i will never let that happen.
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i was proud to serve as president obama's vice president. and to become a close personal friend. my granddaughters and his daughters are best buddies. i was never prouder than the day we passed obamacare. we will expand that. we will get rid of all the executive orders that have curtailed it. we will increase funding into research for finding cures.
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in the united states of america there is a incredible disparity. it is sinful. it is an indictment of the entire system. every child has the same capacity when they are born. everyone of them has the same capacity. no matter what your zip code or income level. i will put my money where my mouth is. we will give teachers the payraise they need. we are already short. who will get shortchanged? you're darn right they are. we will give our teachers a pay raise.
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we will and all private prisons. no more jail time for addiction. build more treatment facilities. make sure marijuana convictions, you will be able to legally say, i have never been arrested. let's think about this. all of these states are out there legalizing marijuana. we should take a big chunk of those profits and put an end to prisons. we need to be a country of second chances. think about it. we all talk about second chances. but what do we do? we say you are denied all of the things that can help you.
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you $25 and a bus ticket. we need to eliminate all of those barriers to success. prison andng out of coming back from serving their time, they should be able to get pell grants. housing. all of the things that give them a chance. while they are there, we should be teaching them skills. it makes no sense. we are a great country and a great people. the greatest workers in the world. we should get paid like we are the greatest workers in the world. we have too many families working their tails off. too many people i know do what my dad did.
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we will be able to do it. people are having trouble keeping their roofs over their heads. my dad looked at me and said, i promise you, it will be all right. he believed it. all the people who cannot look at their kids and say, we are going to be able to do it. we have over 50% of working-class people who think their children will never achieve the same standing they have. what a god awful thing.
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it just makes me mad. we are going to invest in our families and communities. broadband,d bridges, school systems, infrastructure. we will get to those areas that have been left behind. i make no apologies. it is in the interest of everybody. the wealthy, the middle class, the working class. does better, everything works for everybody. we have to make sure black and brown families and businesses the same chance to accumulate wealth. blackve in a neighborhood, you have the same weight -- houses the guy living across the neighborhood. yours is valued less.
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you pay more for insurance. how do you get a chance to accumulate wealth? that is not how you're going to fulfill the dreams. not going to invest in tax cuts for the wealthy. the system is already raked in their favor. we will invested in families instead. i really mean it. i have done it. there is no limit to what we can get done in the next four years. first, we have to be donald trump. when those folks came out in charlottesville carrying those torches, i never would've leapt it.
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it.elieved screeching hate. carrying nazi banners. chanting the same anti-semitic bile that was chanted in the streets of germany. and is that they jill knew, and my grandchildren knew, we had no chance but to run. i thought we had finally turned a corner. i had been deeply involved all of my life. but i learned hate does not go away. it just hides. this president has done nothing
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but breathe oxygen into that hate. bring it out from under the rocks. rallies, he spreads the message of prejudice and division. in the white house, he welcome and send gun manufacturers why -- while i kids are being gunned down in the streets and in schools. he has 35 states suppressing the boat, primarily to keep product -- black folks and brown folks from voting. enough is enough is enough. it has to stop. i spent my whole life fighting for civil rights, voting rights, social justice. this day, 30 years ago, nelson
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mandela walked out of prison. i had the great honor of meeting him. he walked in. the most incredible thing i have ever felt in my life. he said thank you for trying to come and see me. there would have been chaos. but what did he do? he is a sample i think we need to look at. if i will hold a
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grudge against trump for going after my son. it is not about me and my son. that makes me angry. presidents cannot just fight. they have to deal. we have to do it with the same kind of courage and conviction. by the way, i am not nelson mandela. i am not making that comparison. all of you ministers know what i'm talking about. that is the kind of conviction we need to move this nation forward.
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lord, give me the ability to climb. together we will be donald trump. jeff and and ann support our campaign. let's get to work. thank


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